FNS - Accounting


Individual Duration
Cumulative Duration
Certificate IV in AccountingFNS406151 year (4 terms)1 year (4 terms)088556C
Diploma of AccountingFNS502151 year (4 terms)2 years (8 terms)088363A
Advanced Diploma of AccountingFNS602151 year (4 terms)3 years(12 terms)088372M

Vocational Outcomes

Accounting courses offered at Central College are designed to meet FNS Training Package requirements and the industry needs. The courses consist of Course Subjects and Added Value Subjects.

Course Subjects consist of carefully selected core and elective units of competency from the training package that assist students in developing skills and meet the needs of the workplace. Central College students will complete 25% of their course online with Central College Online.

Added Value Subjects are additional non accredited subjects that are designed to support international students in their basic communication and academic language needs.

Added Value Subjects are:

  • Study Ethics
  • Communication Studies
  • IT Skills
  • Australian Studies
  • Business Skills
  • Career Strategies
  • Language Study
  • Research and Development
  • Current Affairs
  • IELTS Reading
  • IELTS Writing
  • IELTS Speaking
  • IELTS Listening
  • Accounting Tutoring

Please note that students are expected to complete all Course Subjects in a course and attend 20 hours per week in order to be able to graduate. 

 FNS40615 Cert IV in Accounting (088556C) - 1 year (4 Terms)


Subject Code Subject NameUnit CodeUnit CompetencyCore/Elective
FNS305Basic Accounting 2FNSACC301Process financial transactions and extract interim reportsCore
  FNSACC302Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgersCore
FNS401Accounting PrinciplesBSBFIA401Prepare financial reportsCore
FNS402Financial AccountingFNSACC404 Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entitiesCore
 FNS403Accounting for Payroll & payableFNSACM401Evaluate and authorise payment requestsElective
   FNSBKG405 Establish and maintain a payroll systemCore
 FNS404 Office Tax ProceduresFNSACC401 Process business tax requirementsElective
  FNSBKG404 Carry out business activity and instalment activity statement tasksCore
FNS405EthicsFNSINC401Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industryCore
FNS303Business TechnologyBSBITU306Design and produce business documentsCore
FNS406Computerised AccountingFNSACC406 Set up and operated a computerised accounting system Core
FNS407BudgetingFNSACC402Prepare operational budgetsCore
FNS408InventoryFNSACC405Maintain inventory recordsElective
 Added Value Subjects   

FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting -  1 year (4 Terms)


Subject Code Subject NameUnit CodeUnit CompetencyCore/Elective
FNS501Budget and TaxFNSACC503Manage budgets and forecastsCore
  FNSACC502Prepare legally compliant tax returns for individuals Core

Management Accounting

FNSACC507Provide management accounting informationCore
  FNSACC607Evaluate business performanceElective

Corporate Accounting

FNSACC504Prepare financial reports for corporate entitiesCore
  BSBITU402Develop and use complex spreadsheetsElective
FNS504Internal control and system designFNSACC506Implement and maintain internal control proceduresCore
  FNSACC505Establish and maintain accounting information systemsElective

Costing Information

FNSACC407Produce job costing informationElective
FNS506Forecasts and ProjectionsFNSORG506Prepare financial forecasts and projectionsElective
FNS507Business PerformanceFNSACC501Provide financial and business performance informationCore
 Added Value Subjects   


FNS60215 Advanced Diploma of Accounting - 1 year (4 Terms)


Subject Code Subject NameUnit CodeUnit CompetencyCore/Elective
FNS601Business Economics & StatisticsFNSINC601Apply economic principles to work in the financial services industry Core
  FNSINC602Interpret and use financial statistics and tools  Core
FNS602Corporate FinanceFNSACC609Evaluate financial risk Elective
  FNSRSK602Determine and manage risk exposure strategies Elective 
  FNSACC608Evaluate organisation’s financial performance Elective
FNS603AuditingFNSACC604Monitor corporate governance activities Core
  FNSACC606Conduct internal audit Elective
FNS604Income Tax ApplicationFNSACC601Prepare and administer compliant tax returns for legal entitiesElective
FNS605Budgets and StrategiesFNSORG501Develop and manage a budgetElective
  FNSACC610 Develop and implement financial strategiesElective
FNS606Management and Corporate Finance FNSACC613 Prepare and analyse management accounting  informationElective
  FNSACC614 Prepare complex corporate financial reportElective
FNS607Improvements and SystemsFNSACC605Implement organisational improvement programsElective
  FNSORG602Develop and manage financial systemsElective
 Added Value Subjects