Course Information

Central College offers 3 main courses consisting of various levels from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma, depending on which course you have enrolled in and which level you wish to achieve. Each course consists of a number of subjects that need to be completed. 

Course Brochure (2017)



  • Certificate III in Accounts Administration - FNS30315
  • Certificate IV in Accounting- FNS40615
  • Diploma of Accounting - FNS50215
  • Advanced Diploma of Accounting - FNS60215

Business Management

  • Certificate III in Business - BSB30115
  • Certificate IV in Business - BSB40215
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB51915
  • Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB61015


  • Certificate III in Travel - SIT31312
  • Diploma of Travel and Tourism - SIT50112
  • Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism - SIT60112

Study Load:

Students are required to study 20 hours per week over the full duration of their selected course. This is a combination of studies.

Contact hours are the total number of hours in the term students are scheduled to attend classes for teaching purposes, course-related information sessions, supervised study sessions and examinations.

Students are advised to take a maximum of 2 subjects per day. With work, travel and study it can become overwhelming very easily which may affect your ability to maintain a satisfactory academic progress, if you were to take more than 2 subjects per day.

Class times & Timetables:

To study at Central College, you will need to choose 20 hours of study in total for one week's timetable.

These classes will be repeated each week for 10 weeks or one term.

Added value  classes for  IELTS English, Study Ethics, Business Skills, Australian History, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are also available for no extra charge.

Central College Articulation Agreements

Central College highly values its collaborative teaching agreements and has partnerships with a number of leading higher education institutions. Central College graduates can apply to our partner institutions for admission into their courses based on academic achievements gained at Central College. If you qualify, a number of your Central College credits can be accepted by our partner institutions allowing you to complete your higher education qualification in a condensed time, enabling you to enter the workforce sooner than you expected.