Course Fees

Tuition Fees

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Ancillary Fees

Enrolment Fee

AUD $200

Deferral Fee

AUD $100

Reassessment/Resubmission Fee (per subject)

AUD $100

Student Card Replacement

AUD $20

Archive Certificate/Document Retrieval - collected from GCA -

AUD $30

Archive Certificate/Document Retrieval - local mail -

AUD $40

Archive Certificate/Document Retrieval - international mail -

AUD $50


Confirmation Of Enrolment (CoE) Fee
The Student’s CoE Fee consists of two (2) components mainly:
1. All Providers registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses (CRICOS) are required, under Section 23 of the Education and Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 ( the ESOS Act) and Section 8 of the Education Services for Overseas Students ( Registration Charges ) Act 1997, to pay an Annual Registration Charge (ARC). The ARC comprises a base fee, a fee for each course registered on CRICOS plus a student enrolment component. This is calculated on the total number of enrolments of overseas students on student visas in each course provided.
2. Administrative and processing costs of maintaining the accuracy and completeness of the Commonwealth Government’s Provider
Registration and International Students Management System ( PRISMS).
CoE Fee:
◊ Students undertaking a course of study duration of which is less than 26 weeks are subject to a CoE fee of $16.25
◊ Students undertaking a course of study duration of which is greater than 26 weeks are subject to a CoE fee of $32.50 per annum
Students who are approved to have their CoE reduced due to credit transfer, or who are approved to have their CoE extended, will need to pay these CoE fees as part of the approval process.
All Fees can be paid by: Credit Card/ Debit Card (MasterCard & Visa Only) (in keeping with best industry practices no cash payments will be accepted). For full details please refer to the web site below:


Payment Options

Credit card is the preferred method of payment.
Course Fee payments processed onshore (in Australia) are requested to be made by Credit Card.
Course Fee payments processed offshore can be made via Telegraphic Transfer, Credit Card or Internet Transfer.
Complete information on how to make your student payments will be included in your Offer Letter.