Intake Dates






Term 1 Orientation Day

15th Jan

09th Jan

12th Jan

Term 1 - Start

18th Jan

16th Jan

15th Jan

Term 1 - Finish

24th Mar

24th Mar

23rd Mar


Term 2 Orientation Day

07th Apr

03rd Apr

05th Apr

Term 2 - Start

11th Apr

10th Apr

09th Apr

Term 2 - Finish

17th Jun

16th Jun

15th Jun


Term 3 Orientation Day

08th July

 7th Jul

06th Jul

Term 3 - Start

11th Jul

10th Jul

9th Jul

Term 3 - Finish

16th Sep

16th Sep

15th Sep


Term 4 Orientation Day

29th Sep

29th Sep

28th Sep

Term 4 - Start

04th Oct

03rd Oct

02nd Oct

Term 4 - Finish

09th Dec

08th Dec

08th Dec

Orientation Information

Complete information about your Orientation Day will be provided near the course commencement date and it will be sent to you via email.

Please bring the following documents to your Orientation Day:
Current Passport or Photo ID (eg driver's licence or proof of age card).
Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).
Visa details (for registration).